Art Update


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Kindergarteners created texture rubbings, we then used this paper to make collages based on our idea of home 



First Graders created clay texture owls based on their paper owl collages created in previous classes 



Second Graders learned about the art movement fauvism, wild beasts and their use of color. We created colorful painted backgrounds and then made collaged self portraits 



First Graders created collagraph prints with recycled materials and winter trees as our subject 



Second Graders studied winter birds and then created collages based on these birds and their environments 



third Graders learned about totem poles and created their own family totem poles based on their findings 



Fourth Graders created sculpture based on their figure unit taught by Ms.D



fifth graders made their own paper and then created works of art inspired by the work of romare bearden and his love of jazz music 


Fifth graders created spirt animal self portraits 


Fifth graders created coconut masks in paper as a planning process for their coconut clay masks 


Art Update



Kindergarteners learned about primary colors and how to build images with the basic shapes they learned from Mouse Shapes and Mouse Paint. Kindergarten and first grade artwork was featured at the District Office 


Second Graders started the year learning about color, we created color wheel collages to refer to throughout the year 


Second Graders created their own Wild Things using artistic techniques Maurice Sendak used in his own work . Students practiced their foreground, middle ground, background knowledge to create environments for their wild thing puppets to live 


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Second Graders are starting a unit on Still Life’s where we will learn mixed media techniques 

Welcome Back to Art at Hidden Valley!

We are starting off the year by decorating the front of our sketchbooks in each grade

Kindergarten: Lines that Wiggle with crayons and watercolor

First Grade: warm and cool color paintings made extra special with decorative tape and name stickers

Second Grade: radial designs with crayons and watercolor

Third Grade: Echo lines

Fourth Grade: illuminated letters

Fifth Grade: zentangle names


Art Going Home

Art Going Home
At the end of the school year we look forward to sending home your student’s artwork in a collection that will show exploration of various media, their process, and their progression of skills throughout the year. During the school year teachers keep the majority of work to be able to assess students’ growth and exhibit the work. One goal of the RVSD Art program is to showcase students art in the community; students get excited and get positive feedback from having their work on display at school and around the community in various exhibits. Student work will occasionally go home for every grade, and each school has an Art Blog showcasing our student’s in-process and finished work which gives an inside look at what is happening in the art room. Please contact your childs’ art teacher if you would like to visit the art room or to volunteer. Thank you so much for your support of the YES Foundation!

Open House and End of The Year

Hidden Valley Open House was a big success, art was displayed in the art room as well as each classroom!

Third Grade Keith Harring figures displayed in the office

Fourth Grade layered animal prints

Fifth Grade abstract watercolor and poetry imageimageimage

Students spent their last week of art class drawing with chalk outside

Art bags went home last week and the beginning of this week, I hope that you take the time to look through your child’s art bag together!

Wishing all of you a creative summer, thank you for a fabulous first year at Hidden Valley!

Ms. McKee

April Art Update

Kindergarteners studied architecture by creating their own cityscapes, and then making their own blueprints. Students learned about Frank Lloyd Wright and his famous civic center building in San Rafael

First Graders are learning about the sun and moon in their classrooms so we created our own solar systems in art inspired by images of planets and stars. Students learned to blend chalk in spheres to show where light is hitting an object.

Second Graders learned about the artist Jasper Johns and we created collagraph prints inspired by his study of numbers and letters. Students chose numbers and letters that were important to them, and we learned that in printmaking the image is always mirrored. Students carefully flipped their numbers and letters while working on their plates.

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Fifth Graders learned about the significance of masks in many different African tribes and created their own using construction paper and tempera paint. These masks were part of our planning process to create masks in clay as well. Students are now working on a sewing unit.